VoIP Phone Systems- Voice Over Internet Protocol
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Why VoIP Phone Systems are Important

  1. Why is VOIP calling cheaper in comparison to other phone service types in Baton Rouge LA?

    VOIP PBX calling is cheaper because it uses packet based communication, which is identical to current internet communications. It allows a large volume of data to be sent over great distances very economically.

  2. Do I need a broadband or Internet connection for my VoIP phone in Baton Rouge LA?

    Yes you will need to have a broadband internet connection in your  office.

  3. Do I need to a computer to make VOIP phone calls?

    You can make VOIP PBX calls over the internet but it’s no longer a requirement. There are VOIP IP PBX service providers that enable you to use your existing analog PBX system telephones.

  4. Is the quality the same as a regular call from a traditional PBX?

    Yes the quality is the same in many cases it is even superior to standard calling.

  5. DO I need to buy special equipment to use VOIP phone calling?

    For VoIP PBX phone system installation any equipment you will need will be included in your start up price. You may need a VoIP gateway, these are usually installed in your telecom closet. Business packages may require the purchase of new office telephones or other equipment depending on your existing PBX equipment currently in place today.

  6. Do I have to get a new office phone number or can I keep my existing local Baton Rouge LA number?

    Yes you can keep your existing business phone number, and port it over. Be sure to mention this to your PBX solutions consultant.

  7. Can I still make VoIP PBX system calls if I lose power?

    Yes if you have backup power to your internet connection when you lose power you lose the ability to make calls.

  8. Can I make more than one call at a time?

    All VoIP Business phone systems will usually have this feature added in.

  9. Can I make 911 calls with a VOIP telephone?

    In many cases you will need to activate emergency calling services. VOIP calls use to lack the ability to transmit location data to emergency call centers however this is now avaiable.

  10. What special features does VOIP calling have?

    VOIP calling automatically has caller ID, call waiting, voice mail and many other features built in. To take full advantage you will have to use the newer IP only telephones/networks.

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